Time and Cost Efficiencies


Control is now in your hands

This system was designed to provide facility management the ability to control guest room HVAC usage and improve energy efficiency. Occupancy sensors and our intelligent WiStat SS™, thermostat screen put you ahead of the curve and give you a unique advantage in the market.
WiSuite provides all sorts of valuable information about your guests that allows you to custom-tailor their personal environment. Information such as preferred room temperature, how often and when temperature changes are made, and how often guests are actually in the room, is all supplied to you by the WiSuite server.

Remote Management & Scheduling

Untitled1WiSuite’s simple analytic tools provide all the data necessary to properly schedule room maintenance, filter changes, PTAC replacement, etc. Additionally, WiSuite will provide alerts directly to you for issues such as demand not being met, or a room outside of the normal temperature range.

Find problems before they become emergencies

The WiSuite control center can report changes in the efficiency of your HVAC equipment, such as the time a heating unit takes to warm up a room. When WiSuite finds a problem, it’s robust and flexible maintenance reporting system alerts your staff via email, or text, letting you fix a problem before it impacts your guest’s satisfaction.

Secure access through any web browser lets you review data, manage alerts and control the system from anywhere. No proprietary software or plugins to install and maintain, No IT headaches. No expensive per-seat licensing.

WiSuite provides never before seen insight and control into guest room HVAC systems. Guest needs can be met immediately from anywhere in the world with our web based interface. Rooms can be adjusted remotely and most issues can be addressed without an engineer having to even enter a room.
Our innovative, state-of-the-art system is backed by the professionals from the WiSuite team. We collaborate with clients to develop a strategy that will help you meet your energy targets as a trusted partner in efficiency and savings.

Cut costs, not comfort

WiSuite puts you in charge of your energy consumption and keeps your customers comfortable. It saves you money and keeps you a step ahead of the competition. It keeps your business green and helps you stay in the black.

  • Maximum room-by-room energy savings
  • Consistent guest comfort
  • Cost-effective installation
  • Typical ROI of less than 3 years
  • Reduced operations expenses
  • Reduced HVAC maintenance costs
  • Humidity control & asset protection
  • Visibility into health of HVAC units