Save Green when you go Green– with WiSuite

Be efficient with your energy and your money.

To remain competitive in the Hospitality Industry, it takes the foresight to develop a strategic approach. Our system creates a green road map for your property, that today’s corporate clients have come to expect out of big business. And, while your facility’s footprint gets smaller, the sustainability of your business grows when you install WiSuite.
We empower property owners with an engineered solution designed to address proper climate stewardship. The WiSuite Server tracks energy consumption constantly, which provides a tangible system pay back and proof of ROI. This trackable savings detail is particularly useful when applying for custom energy rebates with your local utility. WiSuite is the right choice to “Go Green” without impacting your day-to-day operations.

WiSuite installations yield energy savings from 30-45%, with the average ROI between 18-36 months.