Why Choose WiSuite?

Cut Costs, Not Comfort

Today’s turbulent economic environment requires hoteliers to be more conscientious when it comes to operating expenses.  HVAC represents one of the largest uncontrolled expenses in the industry. America’s hotels spend almost $2,200 in energy costs per available room each year (about 7.5 billion dollars in all).  Roughly 42% of the energy used for heating and cooling is wasted on rooms that are vacant 50-70% of an average day.

As a leading provider of energy management solutions for the hospitality industry, WiSuite is about to change the way you keep your guests comfortable and give you energy savings like you’ve never known before.

WiSuite’s Intelligent Network (WIN) is the thermostat control system that changes everything. Installed in over 76,000 locations in North America– including every guest suite in Las Vegas’ Palazzo Hotel– the economical and environmental advantages of the WIN system allow guests to appreciate your commitment to sustainability while experiencing your dedication to their comfort.

WiSuite solves your energy management challenges by giving you real-time guest room monitoring. Your property gets unprecedented energy savings and your guests get complete satisfaction in the form of regulated comfort. The WIN system is quickly installed, and its intuitive operation requires minimal training and very little maintenance.

Everybody WINs.

WiSuite Smart Hotel Automation Time and Cost Efficiencies